Shurman Bio

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There is an elusive sweet spot at the crossroads where soul music, country, and rock’n’roll intersect, and the Austin, TX-based band Shurman hits that bulls-eye dead on. The band has gained a reputation as a ‘must see live act’ built on their sweat-drenched live shows and relentless touring schedule. Underneath the raw energy and grit of the band’s performance lie memorable songs that breathe the¬†truths of unrequited love, life experiences, and emotions both familiar and haunting.

At the heart of Shurman is the songwriting and voice of Aaron Beavers, who founded the band in Los Angeles in 2001. Since then, he has built a dedicated grassroots following over the course of three self-released EPs, and 4 full-length recordings. In 2008, Aaron returned to his native state of Texas from the West Coast to ‘retune the band’ with musicians from the vibrant Austin music scene. Now a dream team of such killer players as bassist Mike Therieau, lead guitarist Harley Husbands, and Clint Short on the drum kit behind Beavers, the group stands ready to fulfill All Music Guide’s prediction that its ‘songwriting and synchronicity will carve out a distinct place for the band on the contemporary music scene.’

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