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Pre-order Shurman’s highly anticipated 7th studio recording East Side of Love NOW and receive 2 FREE SONG DOWNLOADS IMMEDIATELY. Recorded at famed Cedar Creek Studios in South Austin, the CD contains 11 original songs that feature the band’s trademark live energy mixed with themes of love, loss, regret, and ultimately, redemption.

“Put aside any and all preconceptions you have about SHURMAN. The Austin, Texas-based quartet’s latest offering, East Side Of Love, finds them connecting with each other and their audiences on a completely different level” -Jim Caligiuri


Track Listing
1. East Side Of Love (3:42)
2. Never Gonna Quit (4:54)
3. If I Could I Would (4:55)
4. You Don’t Have To Love Me (4:05)
5. Saving It Up (4:48)
6. I Don’t Know Why (6:48)
7. California Carry Me Away (5:11)
8. Dive Right In (3:33)
9. See You Smile (4:24)
10. Somebody Else’s Problem (4:09)
11. Time To Say Goodbye (4:03)

Thank you for your support!
-the SHURMAN boys

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